During the past 10 years diesel prices have increased by 25% in average, electricity prices are also moving on an upward graph. WAAREE solar water pumping solutions save your diesel or electricity costs with little maintenance and a long product life.

A solar pump uses power derived from sunlight that is converted into electrical power by Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) modules, which give higher power output in the afternoons and lower power output in the early morning and evening. As a result, solar pump works on varying power input and gives varying water output at a given pump duty head. The most important parameters to select a solar pump are: how much water is needed daily, at what pump duty head, and at which location. Thelocation is important because solar energy varies from region to region, and sizing of solar panels depends on the capacity of solar pumps and also solar radiation of that region.


  • Available from 0.5 HP to 50 HP AC, 50 Hz induction motors as standard, which works on variable frequency according to variable sun intensity.
  • Also available for DC category motors
    Rated Power : 0.37 KW to 38 Kw
  • Motor Efficiency: 80% to 96%
  • Motor Speed: 900 to 3600 rpm
  • Enclosure: IP54/1P68
  • Head Range: UPTO 350 m
  • Flow Rate: Depend on Duty Head and Capacity
  • Solar Pumpset are available in 4″ and 6″ diameter